Thursday, December 29, 2011

I ♥ the year 2011

I'm waiting for this day
after today,i have my holiday on 1 week 3 day:)
"sound very excited"
this year is the year I am most happy
because i had meet someone,that i love her very very much
She makes my life more colourful and she gave me a lot of happiness
i would not dare to say that we never fight before:)
normally,A pair of couple sure have their fight sometimes
same as mine too :)
i cant say she is not 100% good,everyone also have their own worse part
no one is perfect
but if want me comment about my baby
i can give her 95% good :)
sometimes,human have their own temperature
maybe my babyboy temperature have a bit bad
but i still love her very much
i can admit ,compared with her, I love her much and much
she knows that
what i can say is,Both need to be tolerate
Tolerate can help our relationship can stand for more longer
Just what i want say,i really love her very much
she can gave me what i want
she can gave me a lot of warm:) a lot of happiness
that's why i love her
she may together celebrate with me on 31.12.2011"happy new year"
she are the first boyfriend that celebrate with me
i very appreciate of it
after that,i gonna together with her fly to sarawak
she was the first one to take me go flying
Thanks baby
although the place we go not overseas are still in Malaysia
but,I'm feel happy too
i hope,we can create more memories that we honey moon at oversea
before create,the main point we need to do is
The conclusion that i want say is,I'm happy to have you beside me
I'm glad to meet u in 21.7.2011
Thanks god,and thanks for you give me a chance for stay beside u
and be your lovely girlfriend
:) baby,I Love You
I can't promise anything
but,i'll be tough for hold your hand and walk more longer and longer
plus,i want create a lot of happiness about Lemon with milk
:) ♥

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hurray :)
yesterday, my hubby already back from korea:_)
i feel very happy
I have been waiting for a week, at the end she come back already
she has bought many gifts to me
Thanks hubby ♥
I really love it very much
left 3 more days
we will celebrate happy new year together
"sound excited for me"
not only us, but it's a group of friends
must be very excited and happy
waiting for that days :)
In the coming year of 2012 , I hope on 11.59pm to be able for have a last kiss from you,
on 31/12/2011,by that time I can have very happiness unforgotten memories on 2011,
with that, I also have a new started on the coming year of 2012
and This is the last hope from me :)
baby would you may my dream come true?
hehe "")
I know baby will be embarrassed to kiss me in front of the public
but, for me it's ok
because this is our last sweet memories on 2011 :)
baby,must agree with me okay or not :__)
I'm waiting
I ♥ you baby

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The end,i finish up the 605++ commision list :)
happy happy :)
but need continue my second paper :(
it's also just finish up~
so tomorrow i have to continue my third paper :(
type until my tap of finger very pain
i dislike this kind of feeling
frustrated much
i need a place to shout ARH!
still wondering,today my baby will get line in her hotel for skype or not :(
praying praying
It's must have~
she are the one,can let me relax my mind
and she can bring out away my stress :)
I miss baby muchie~~
I going dance soon , On diet
:( i know,it's quite hard for me
Happy Winter Solstice for everyone :)
yesterday i helping my mom do Glutinous rice balls
i finish up six plate :)
hurray :) first time i do those stuff
make my hand very tired,but it's fun
after making Glutinous rice balls,i skype with my baby
while skype_ing she eating nuts,aikss
eat and eat :)
then she keep smiling at me :)
i keep smiling at her ♥
left 3 days,she gonna go back sarawak,
and left 7days, we gonna have our own trip on new year :)
wooohoo :) sound excited
i'm tired_ing of prepare those commission list
i almost finish up one piece paper,
605++ name list :(
make my hand fucking tired,aiks,!
but if i can see my baby in skype,maybe the feel will gone :)
Lmao :)))))))))
keep on coughing,flu in office..
the flu making my nose damn pain :(
beside that i keep haaaaaaaaaachiu :(
hate hate hate!
i miss my baby much,
i want my baby take care me :(
baby ♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I ♥ 21.12.2011

21.12.2011 such a sweet day for me :)
it's 5month anniversary for both of us ♥
let me think,maybe other people mind was thinking"aiks,just 5 month"
but for me,it's have a lot of meaningful memories
we're trying our best to rise up our days for 1 year,5 year or 10 year
hehe :)
good fortune,my hubby still remember our important days :)
i ♥ you hubby ")
we can create more memories,more happiness all just in our hand
we must hold our hand more tight,more long and don't loose it :)
Thanks for staying my side for this 5 month
but,i hope everyday,every month,every year and every special days i can celebrate
with you hubby"this is my dream"
a arguement start,it also because we both care each other much
so,when argue we must calm down and settle it with a good way
i love my hubby much
happy 5 month anniversary ♥

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday my baby can find her internet line in hotel,
hurray :)) it's help us to contact each other
plus i saw her in skype
such a cute face :)
miss her very very much ,so on that time i was keep smiling
she asked me,why i so flirty keep smiling
i answered her: I'm so happy to see you baby ♥
she smile too ♥
although cant see her real person infront of me
but,in skype is good enough for me
i miss her for 3 days more
cant even listen her voice in the 2 days
just can replay back the video that she gave it to me :( "sound very sad"
so,yesterday i was sweet in my sleeping bed :_)
i can feel how much baby miss me too
hehe,i feel happiness

today,my head suddenly towards a lot of commission list to me
one piece of paper,it have 600++ name list
oh gosh,
plus my senior says,it still have 3 piece
:( aikss,so rush for me ,because i need finish up on the end of this month
frustrated frustrated
however how my feel now,i also need to finish up
so,add oil for myself :(

Monday, December 19, 2011

:'( miss her much
until yesterday hard to fall asleep
maybe today she going a lot place :)
sure very fun~
very hope baby can happy all the way in the trip :)
baby says,her phone low credit :(
maybe one message in a night will more difficult
what i need to do is
control myself :( as i promise my baby
so,countdown for 6 days,
i hope the time can pass quickly,so i can meet my baby as soon as i can :)
pray_ing "hehe"
I'm so child i think :(
because just only a small problem,but for me like a big promblem
I already big girl le,i should be good girl as my baby want me to do it
i'll try it :(
i love my baby